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"I attempted my very first Indian dish at home: Kidney Beans Masala. Success! So easy and delicious. A one-pot meal; clean-up was almost effortless.I didn't have a spice grinder but I did have a mortar and pestle - I sat on the floor in my kitchen and within 60 seconds I had fine
spice powder. So much fun to make! And the aromas that filled my home were warm and beautiful. A very filling meal. Thank you, Sara!" - Kathy

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Black Cardamom pods
(Badi Elaichi) are black to dark brown in color and have a strong camphor-like flavor,
with a smoky character derived from the method of drying. Historically, Black Cardamom is used to treat various stomach ailments, common infections and dental problems.

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Ever tried to cook Indian food and messed it up? Let me help, with treasured family recipes from my kitchen to yours!

Who doesn’t love Indian food? The curries and the flavorful spices seem to get everybody excited! But have you ever tried to cook Indian food at home? Preparing Indian cuisine is complex to say the least, involving many spices in exact quantities to be added in a specific sequence - it is so easy to get wrong! Furthermore, whose recipes do you trust, and where do you even go to buy the ingredients? Pick a random recipe off the internet and you could be sick for days, and if you are lucky enough to find the right spices, you are stuck buying enough to last you until the end of time. The recipes available here were created in my family home in India by generations of women who have tasted, tweaked, and tailored these recipes to perfection. Using my recipe kits, you will taste perfection every time and won’t have to store or waste any expensive, exotic ingredients. When you prepare a meal using Flavor Temptations  recipe kits from FillMyRecipe, you are truly sitting down for a meal with me and my family. So come on over and Savor the Flavor! 

Stop worrying about whether your favorite dish will turn out right! You can’t get it wrong with a Flavor Temptations recipe kit. My easy and convenient recipe kits for Indian dishes contain everything you need for a delicious, home-cooked Indian meal. Our ingredients are all-natural, and our cuisine provides a variety of healthy and flavorful vegetarian and gluten-free options. Moreover, because you get only the quantity of spices you need for a dish, there are no left-over spices cluttering your pantry. You can enjoy the taste while eliminating the waste!

Each Flavor Temptations recipe kit includes a traditional Indian recipe, pre-measured Organic spices, and cooking directions, making it easy and convenient for you to prepare Indian dishes and taking the mystery out of Indian cooking! All you need is fresh produce from your local market. Don’t settle for the “mail-order, meal-in-a-box” options – a good meal starts with hand-picked produce, not with a box cutter. Buy local and buy fresh for the most authentic Indian cooking experience. As an added bonus, feel good about promoting your local farmers and grocers.

Cooking a healthy meal with friends and family should be a hassle-free, enjoyable, gastronomic experience! Flavor Temptations recipe kits enable you and your family to do exactly that!

The links at the top menu transport you to a world of mouth-watering stir-fried curries, juicy vegetables and beans simmered in heart-warming sauces. Go ahead, be adventurous and try them all!

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