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"I attempted my very first Indian dish at home: Kidney Beans Masala. Success! So easy and delicious. A one-pot meal; clean-up was almost effortless.I didn't have a spice grinder but I did have a mortar and pestle - I sat on the floor in my kitchen and within 60 seconds I had fine
spice powder. So much fun to make! And the aromas that filled my home were warm and beautiful. A very filling meal. Thank you, Sara!" - Kathy

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Black Cardamom pods
(Badi Elaichi) are black to dark brown in color and have a strong camphor-like flavor,
with a smoky character derived from the method of drying. Historically, Black Cardamom is used to treat various stomach ailments, common infections and dental problems.

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Ever tried to cook Indian food and messed it up?

A lot of people, like you, love Indian food and visit Indian restaurants. Mmmmm... the curries, the flavorful spices! But, have you ever tried to cook Indian food at home? Indian cuisine is complex, to say the least. It involves many spices, in many quantities, to be added in a specific sequence, to get the taste exactly right. And it is SO EASY to go wrong!

Well, here is one way you can GET IT RIGHT, EVERY TIME - with easy and convenient Ethnic Spicery recipe kits for Indian dishes. These recipe kits contain all natural ingredients for a variety of healthy and flavorful vegetarian and gluten-free recipes, and take the worry out of wondering if your favorite dish will turn out right! Moreover, since you get only the quantity of spices you need for a dish, there are no left-over spices cluttering your pantry. You can enjoy the taste, while eliminating the waste!

Each Ethnic Spicery recipe kit includes a traditional Indian recipe, pre-measured spices, and cooking directions.
We hope this will make it easy and convenient for you to try out new Indian recipes, and take the mystery
out of Indian cooking! Go ahead, be adventurous, and try them all!!!

Choosing to become a vegetarian does not
mean eating just salads! In fact, I have been raised a vegetarian
and over the years have developed a
database of vegetarian and vegan recipes  that are as healthy and
much more tasteful. There are many approaches to cooking
vegetables the Indian way. The links on the top menu take you into a world of stir fries, gravy vegetables, stews, daals (dals) and rice recipe spice kits.

                                         WATCH VIDEO TO SEE WHAT IS IN EACH RECIPE PACK

Also, if you desire spices for a specific Indian recipe not listed on this site, please contact us.
We will fill exact quantity of spices for you, so you can inspire
your friends and family with your unique creations!

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